Sunday, January 11, 2015

Methods GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is usually called georadar. Derived from two words, namely geo meaning earth and radar stands for radio detection and ranging. So, the literal meaning of the earth is a tracking device using radio waves. GPR used for shallow exploration (nearsurface) with accuracy (resolution) are very high, so as to detect target objects below the surface to several centimeters dimensional objects once.

GPR is a geophysical method that uses electromagnetic wave source. Therefore, GPR classified geophysical methods do not destroy (nondestructive). Another advantage of GPR is a low operational cost, procedure is easy, and very high precision (high resolution). The disadvantage, penetration is not too deep or penetrating power of this method is only up to tens of meters (± 100 meters). That is why, this method can be said to be suitable for the search sites (or treasure). With a note: it really believed or minerals that place is not too deep.

Because the wavelength it reflects the minimum size of objects that can be detected. The higher the frequency the smaller the wavelength, so that the smaller the size of objects that can be detected (the higher the thoroughness). GPR imaging results can bring such information thickness of the asphalt road surface, underground pipeline for the right to seek the bedrock foundation of the building to search for the missing corpse and archaeological fossils. As explained earlier, a kind of radar emits electromagnetic waves which are then captured by a sensor behind the appliance. Adjustable frequency spectrum used measurement needs. Emitted wave is short-wave (micro) to be penetrated below the surface of the earth. Response data received, processed under the laws of reflection (reflection) and habituation (wave). Of course many things that affect propagation (propagation) wave.

Overall, the GPR tool weighs no more than five pounds, so it is free to move. This tool works with two antennas. One serves as a transmitter, which is in charge of transmitting radar. The other as a receiver, in charge of receiving the reflected radar waves in the surrounding material is then processed into a computer graph. In principle, the method georadar with the same seismic methods that generate artificial waves into the earth. They differ only in the type of wave that is used. posted by: jual alat geolistrik naniura.

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